Sunday, November 12, 2017


PreSchool is at OUR house this week!  Sure do love teaching these two! Today we learned about how we wear different clothes in different kinds of weather! 

We got a Haunted House gingerbread kit at 90% off!  So, the kids had a great time putting it together POST Halloween! I think they actually just really liked eating the icing and for some reason eating the gingerbread...which in my eyes was disgusting!  Glad they had fun!

StoryTime!!  Eleanor and Benjamin had the TIME of their LIFE throwing the Fall leaves up in the air! 

They made leaf puppets and put tons of Googly-Eyes on their puppets!  The ladies at StoryTime got a kick out of Benjamin saying CHEESE anytime my phone was faced in his general direction!!!

Bunco Night!!!!!!  I love BUNCO!  I look forward to it ALL month!  Tonight was so much FUN!  The Bunco I got on the RIGHT was the FIRST roll I did in one of the rounds!!  It was AMAZING!  Other tables didn't even have a CHANCE to roll once!  It was PERFECT!!  So much fun!  And I won for MOST Wins!!  So many laughs!  So many smiles!  So much fun!

I have been super busy this week making THESE shirts! I am so excited for our friend's the Nelson's who are heading to Disney World NEXT week!  These shirts were fun to make!  And I am actually pretty impressed that I made them!

While we wait for the boys in Art class, Eleanor likes to watch the dance class down the hall! AND....our lives have come to THIS....chairs on the table...because Benjamin will not STOP climbing on them and pushing them around to other places in the house...this kid is soooo energetic and such a climber!!

Thursday -- We went to see this Bubble guy at the Library!  He was pretty fun and now all our kids want to do is blow bubbles!

Friday morning...Veteran's Day Assembly at Jackson's school!  It was GREAT!  I love that each grade sings one of the different military songs.  This year Jackson sang the Air Force song!  Yay!  And then when Taps was was just awesome!  Friday NIGHT we went to the school for MOVIE night!  We watched Cars 3 and I can't believe that I didn't take ANY pictures!  It was fun and

Saturday morning we went to the Fallapalooza out in Canyon Falls!  It is a neighborhood that has a ton of different builders.  They had this whole Fall Festival.  There was a Trail Mix Bar and a Smore's Bar and an Arts and Craft table.  It was quite fun.

There was also lawn games Sammy was so excited that he got a BULLSEYE!  (He put it there!)

Face Painting at Target with Sammy!!  A Huge Connect Four game for the kids to play!  A Photo Opp Stand and I LOVED Sammy's outfit that he chose!!  One of the draws to this Fallapalooza was that we were able to come and look at all of their Model Homes!  The kids LOVE looking at homes!!  Bottom pic...Jackson "minding his own business!" These homes that we were looking at were beautiful and maybe one day we can live in one! Saturday night Andrew and I went on a DATE to see THOR!  It was AMAZING!  One that we were able to go on a date and TWO that we were able to see THOR!  That movie ROCKED!!  It was just so good! 

Sunday night for our activity for FHE the kids threw a Nature Party.  Earlier that day they made invitations and pictures for the party and then we had the party.  Which consisted of turning off ALL of the lights in the house and then listening to Nature music on the TV and building with Lincoln Logs!  It was QUITE the Party!!!! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017


L: If Benjamin falls asleep in the car he always wakes up when I bring him inside...not this time...this time he put his head on my shoulder and continued to sleep while I walked to his room to put him is his crib. It is times like this that remind me he is still our little baby!!  TR:  We were watching Beauty and the Beast and Be Our Guest was about to come on.  From the Dining Room I heard, "Get Ready, Get Ready..." And when it started to play on the TV I heard Jackson and Sammy singing along.  I looked behind me and saw them singing and dancing ON TOP of the table...just like Lumiere!  They didn't stay up there much longer after I saw them! BR: LOVE a good deal when I find one.  This was a GREAT deal!  This jam was marked down to TWENTY FIVE cents at WalMart. I have no idea why, but I went ahead and bought ALL that was there! 

Wednesday night I went out to Twisted Root with a friend!  We use to work together with the youth in our congregation.  I was so happy to go out and hang with her!  AND I was able to get my Burger of the Month and Shake of the Month!  I can't remember the NAME of the burger...but it was really yummy!  Texas Toast, brisket, onion rings and BBQ sauce with the BURGER! It was delish!  The shake was a Funnel Cake Shake and it had pieces of funnel cake on top of the shake and in the shake!  It was AWESOME!  Thanks for the fun night out Amy!  I am so sad we didn't get a picture with eachother!  Next time for SURE!
Thursday afternoon we went to Denton Library to see the Denton Community Theater Road Show.  It was awesome and the kids LOVED it!  We always hang out with out friends, Jax and Kyrsten at these shows and have a GREAT time!  After the show we ventured over to Chuy's for Happy Hour!  I got a soda and the kids and I enjoyed the free Nacho Bar that is available during Happy Hour!  Oh yes!  It was a GREAT dinner for sure!  Again, we loved spending time with Kyrsten and Jax!!!

The kids have been going to Vacation Bible School this week and Thursday night they had a PERFORMANCE!  It was so fun to go and see them up on stage dancing and singing.  I think Eleanor enjoyed it the MOST!

The kids LOVED that Andrew was able to take off work early to come and enjoy the show!  AND I was happy he could too!  Glad he was able to share this with the kids!

Some more shots of the kids during the performance!

Thursday night I was able to meet up with some friends.  Kayleigh will be leaving soon, so it was nice to get together with her and Lana and talk the night away over some yummy pastries!  I got the Key Lime bat and the fruit tart.  Yum!  I will miss Kayleigh so much when she leaves!!  Thanks for the fun night out!

Some fun VBS pics!  It has been a GREAT summer of VBS!  This is the last one and I think the kids really enjoyed it!  When I was waiting for one of the big kids to come get their picture taken, Benjamin totally crawled up to the Texas stone and said...."Che!" He knows what he is suppose to do! 

Benjamin and I had so much fun this week hanging out with eachother while the big kids were at VBS.  Monday, Andrew had off so the three of us were able to run a ton of errands together and Benjamin just LOVED that!  On Friday, Benjamin and I went to Kroger to cash in on my Friday Freebies.  They had the carts there that the kids can "Steer" and Benjamin just thought he was the coolest thing in the world "driving" around that store...and not having to share with his brothers and sister.  I loved that I got everything in the bottom pic for FIVE BUCKS!!  Oh yeah!

Friday they did another performance at VBS.  It was fun to watch them perform again! 

After the performance we were able to watch some of the kids GOOOO some of the leaders!  The kids thought that was PRETTY AWESOME!

Top Pic: "I am going to make my sandwich just like they say to do on STudio C...Jelly in the middle and peanut butter on the outside..." -Jackson.  Sammy decided to make himself a triple decker PB&J!

Friday afternoon we had some friends come over and swim.  Bottom Left Pic---this is Eleanors very first BEST FRIEND! It is so much fun to see them together and to see them get so excited when they see eachother!  Super cute!  It is always fun to have friends over!

Saturday morning I came into the Living Room to find Andrew and the kids chilling on the couch watching some videos. (Top Pic)  Jackson told me, "Hey Mom, if you come sit by me, we can be a family on the couch watching shows together!"  So that I did...Love my family!

Saturday I also met up with some friends for Brunch!  We are super fancy...going to Brunch!  It was great to talk and have some girl time!  Bottom Pic:  Eleanor and Sammy fell asleep on the couch watching shows...not sure Eleanor looks very comfortable...

Saturday night we headed to the Nelson's house for some dinner and game playing!!  It has been so long since we have hung out with them and it was GREAT to be back together again! Sure do wish we still lived across the street from this crazy family!!  Great neighbors and awesome friends!  The kids had so much fun and so did the adults.  We played a game of Pandemic and a game of Zombicide.  Both of which we have not played in forever!  It was so much fun to play games.  AND we won Zombicie...which makes for an even better time!  Thanks for having us over Nelsons!  We sure are blessed to have you as friends!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


A friend gave us some File Folder we spent the morning playing them.

Jackson went to go get ready for the day. He was in his room for a VERY long time.  And he was laughing...those two things don't go well with each other.  When he came out he was dressed as such...You may not think any thing of it...but he had on FIVE shorts and FIVE shorts.  Then he went to do his hair and came back like this.  He used sooo much gel!! He was pretty proud of himself! 

Monday night we spent some time getting ready for Chick-Fil-A Day as it is called in our house!  The kids help make their shirts and had a great time doing so! Can't wait for TOMORROW!  At one point Jackson said, "The sooner we go to bed, the sooner it will be Chick-fil-A Day!  I am just so excited!"

Monday night was also spent shopping for Family Picture outfits.  Andrew really wanted to wear that jacket...but I vetoed it and then we found the shirt my dad was going to be wearing in the pictures and told the family we found Andrew's a joke! =)  Oh goodness...we needed something to laugh about while shopping in Kohl's for an hour with four children who were tired and hungry!  We luckily found something that would work for EVERYONE!  We originally went there for ME to find something for the pics and ended up getting something for Andrew and Jackson.  Glad we got it all taken care of!

WHOOO HOOOOO!!  BEst day of the YEAR!!!!  And I am pretty we have the cutest cows around!

First stop...the one closest to us for BREAKFAST!  I love going for Breakfast because NO ONE is there!  The one time during the day that we can sit back and relax and enjoy Chick-fil-A! 

Today was ALSO 7-11 Day so we made some pit stops along the way at 7-11s for free Slurpees!

We made sure to go to the Chick-fil-A close to Andrew's work so we can could have lunch with him!  The kids loved being with their Dad and showing off their cow costumes to all of his co-workers!

At one of the Chick-fil-A's the kids just enjoyed some ice cream.  Benjamin enjoyed his first taste of CHOCOLATE MILK! And the top left pic you can't really see too well...but Eleanor's ears have seen better days...they were pretty trashed by the end of the day!

Last Slurpee of the day...we ended up getting four each that day!

Last Chick-fil-A of the day!  I am not sure I should tell you how many we went to that day!  There are just soooo many soooo close to us!  We went back to the one closest to us for dinner and met up with some friends there!  It was great to end the evening talking with other adults!  The kids loved playing and we enjoyed talking!  It was a GREAT day for sure!!!

Wednesday we were able to squeeze in Story Time before heading out to UDAYS!!  Eleanor was given this Ballerina dress from one of my friend's and she loves it!  So much so that she wore it for Show and Tell at the Library!  Jackson didn't BRING anything, he just talked about how we were about to leave for New Mexico for a Family Reunion.  And Sammy brought some little toys he won at the 4th of July carnival.  Benjamin did not bring that tiger...that is the Library's, but he LOVES that tiger!  I mean, come is big and it is furry!!  Another great time at the Lake Dallas Story Time!

And we are OFF!!  Andrew got home at 1:45 and we on the road at 2!!  We are heading to U-Days 2017!!  We are super excited.  Wednesday night we stopped in Lubbock and then we would be heading to Angel Fire, New Mexico on Thursday!  We had a great drive to Lubbock!  Our kids are ROCK STARS in the car...AND Eleanor is offically totally potty trained, because she peed on the side of the road!!!!  Good job Baby Girl!!

I LOVE going to Lubbock!  I love that we are able to go there at least once a year.  I would love to go more, but I will take what I can get!  This time we weren't able to see a ton of people because we were just there over night..but we did meet Shanna's new baby and we were able to see Krista...AND this time she CUT MY HAIR!  Yay!  I love Krista!  And I am so glad she was able to cut my hair...because she did AN AMAZING JOB!  So happy! 

Krista also cut Benjamin and Eleanor's hair! Benjamin's first haircut came from my BFF!  He is such a little handsome guy!  Glad he endured that and so glad that Krista was able to cut his hair under such crazy circumstances.  Eleanor sat there very still and let Krista pamper her!  It was so fun to see Krista and talk to her while she updated half of the families looks!! Thank you again Krista!!!!

Able to see my Lubbock Mom and Dad makes me just so happy!  I can't even begin to express how THANKFUL I am became part of this AMAZING family! Love you Davis Fam!!

Before we left Lubbock Thursday morning, the kids took turns sitting in the tall chair where they "directed" the person in the Living Room to do a show!  It was cute.  We left Lubbock a little bit later than we had wanted to and we had to stop and get soes for Jackson and to go pee a couple of times before we were even out of Lubbock...but we FINALLY made it out of Lubbock and into NEW MEXICO!!!!!  Now to get to Angel Fire! 

So...Angel Fire, New Mexico is AMAZING!  It is breathtaking!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  Who knew New Mexico looked like this?!  So excited to explore a new part of the US of A!

It was so fun and exciting to have everyone start coming!  The Hillman's got there first, followed by Mom and Dad and then us.  After we got there the Idaho Uminski's came and then the Utah Uminski's and the Harvey and Kati!  Whoo Hoo!!  David would be coming the next morning.  We were just so excited to have the WHOLE family together!  Elizabeth searched long and hard and found this AMAZING house!  It had 8 rooms and a huge theater room...4 kitchens and lots of bathrooms!  Plenty of space for everyone! It was PERFECT!

Pizza Dinner!  So fun to watch Benjamin and Grace together!

After dinner a lot of us went on a hike!  The house was right next to a ski slope. So in the winter you can ski right to the slope from your house.  Pretty cool! We hiked up the slope and explored all around. There was this huge pile of Lava Rocks.  Lots of the family ventured out onto the rocks...including my mom!  Go MOM!!! 

We also came upon a TeePee!  the kids loved going inside of it and just having a great time.  Something else that happened on the hike...Eleanor saw a stream in the mud and she said, "What the...chocolate river!!"!  Oh yeah!

That night Elizabeth had a game put together.  She had asked us all some questions a week ahead of time and then had a few rounds where we had to match who said what.  It was really fun to get to know the family in a different way.  Who knew that James actually likes a couple musicals! I was so excited to hear him say excited!!!  At one point our team wasn't doing very well, and Jackson said..."Yeah, so I am going to go to another team now!"  He came back after a while and finished out the game with us!  Loved this game! 

All of the cups....Harvey playing chess with Jackson on the chess set Harvey got for us in Poland...and the clouds touching the trees in the morning.

David arrived first thing Friday morning and brought a GIFT for all of the U-CREW!!  Live Lobsters from MAINE!!  What?!?!  Awesome!!!  It was so fun to see the kids...and the adults around the Lobsters!!  Thanks David for all of the fun!  It was awesome!!

The clouds just kept coming all morning!  We were a little worried because we were planning on doing Family photos...luckily they cleared up and the photos were able to happen!

More Lobster fun!

Benjamin's first taste of  NUTELLA!  He LOVED it!

Eleanor was so excited that I let her wear one of my necklaces for family photos and this was my answer to making my shirt just a little bit tighter...a hair clip!

Harvey took the Family Photos!  He has a super fancy camera that is actually hooked up to his phone and he can control it from his phone...TECHNOLOGY!  Crazy!  Such a GREAT pic HARV!!

Harvey also took some time to take Benjamin's One Year photos! Oh My GOSH!  I just can't get over how stinking cute this little guy is!!  Thanks Harv for such an amazing photo!

Time to EAT the lobster!  YUMMY!!!!  It has been quite a while since I have eaten lobster..Maybe even since we were in Maine 8 years was good to eat it and to see how they are prepared and to see the smiles and hear all the laughter of such a treat!  Thanks again David!

After Family Photos and the Lobster lunch we headed to Philmont with David.  David use to work there during the summers and Andrew went there one summer with his Dad.  I have always wanted to see it, because I have always heard about Philmont, so it was fun to go and see!  We took a tour of the home of Waite Phillips...a super rich guy who donated all of the land to the Boy Scouts.  Their house was AMAZING!!  I was able to play on a piano from the 1890s and the kids enjoyed seeing all of the animal rugs!

Such beautiful detail all around the home!

Eleanor thought was Moana in the bedroom!

Pretty sure the SunRoom was my favorite room!

And Andrew loved to see the Garage with all of the cars.  It was a great tour and we are glad we were able to go on it. 

I loved seeing Philmont and hearing stories about Andrew's time there.  On our way back we came around a turn and saw this beautiful lake.  This picture does not do it justice, but I am able to remember what it looked like.  It was amazing!

Fun at the house...bubble bath and playing with cousins!

Friday night was a PopCorn bar and a Talent Show!  It was fun to see everyone's different talents and the kids LOVED the Popcorn bar!!!

After the Talent Show Andrew took the boys on a little hike and they saw deer super close! After a bit of time, I went on a hike with Elizabeth and Mom and we saw the same deer.  Jackson made sure to tell us that he saw more!  It was just so beautiful there! 

Saturday morning we had to say our good-bye's to the Idaho Uminskis as they left early.  I am so glad we were able to see them and enjoy some time with them. I miss hanging out with them all the time since we have moved away from Idaho!  After they headed out on the road, the rest of us headed to the baseball field to play some WIFFLE BALL!  Oh yeah!  It is a tradition and one that I love!  It was so fun to see the kids enjoy themselves and play some ball.

They even got some good hits in there...nothing like Madi and Brittany's Home Runs...but close!  Very close!

Left Pic: Loved this moment of Madi talking to James about the pitches he was sending her way....and Right Pic: Loved this moment of Eleanor sitting in the outfield...bat by her side and her brushing her hair! It was a GREAT game!  So glad we do this every U-Days!

Picnic lunch at the park!  It was a bit rainy but that did not keep the kids from going on the Merry-go-Round.  I personally LOVED how Eleanor rode on dainty!

After lunch we did some souvenir shopping!  Nathan and Benjamin are like two peas in a pod!  I love watching them together.  And I LOVED seeing them hang out in these chairs together!  Benjamin sure does love his cousin Nathan!

On our way back from souvenir shopping we decided to see how high the mountain went...we pretty much went to the top and I had Andrew drop me off so I could run down the mountain back to our house.  It was only a mile and a half away and it was downhill pretty much the whole time!  It was quite the run!  So beautiful!  And even though it started to rain on me...I loved every second. When I got back all the boys were playing chess together and that just warmed my heart!

One last hike before dinner Saturday night!  I wanted to show Andrew the mountain bike trail we found. I could not even believe that people rode bikes down this trail...and it was even a pretty tame one.  Crazy!  The kids LOVED that they found a bridge and each one of them had to have a walking stick!!  It was a great hike!

That night we made Woof 'ems!  A biscuit wrapped around a stick that is cooked over the fire.  Then you take the biscuit off and fill it with all sorts of yummy goodness!  Such a fun treat! It was sad to see U-Days end!  We look forward to it for TWO years and then it just goes by so quickly!  This was such a great spot for it and we all had such a great time!  Love getting together with the UCrew and we are excited for the next time we are all together.  Thank you again Elizabeth for such a GREAT weekend!

We sure are blessed to be a part of such an amazing family!  The U-Crew is pretty awesome!!  U-Days pic 2017!!

Sunday morning it was time to head out!  Gosh Darnet!  Wish we could have stayed MUCH longer!  Waving good-bye to those who were still at the house as we drove away!  Such a fun weekend!  We had to drive through Philmont on our way out so we took just a minute to get out and enjoy the scenery.  When we got in the car to leave Angel Fire, Jackson actually said, "I sure do with we could see Philmont in the morning without the rain!"  Well lucky for him, we did!  Andrew pointed out a rock on the top of a is int he top right corner of the bottom pic...he stood on that rock!  The boys LOVED seeing that and hearing that story!  On our way to Philmont we got AMAZING gas mileage!  We loved seeing that number get higher and higher!  42.8 was as high as it got!  Awesome!

On our way home we made sure to stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.  Kati and Harvey stopped there on the way to U-Days and reminded me that it was on our way home.  I have always wanted to go and I am glad that were were able to stop and have some fun!  We weren't able to buy any spray paint before we got there because EVERY Store was closed in all of the small towns that we passed through...luckily a family who was leaving still had lots of spray paint left and were very kind and gave us their leftovers!  Wow!  That was awesome! 

Our masterpiece!  WALKERS '17 EMJBSA! 

Such a cool place and so fun to see the kids enjoying themselves spraying the cars.  We made sure to tell them they couldn't just go spray painting where ever they wanted.  This was a special place that spray painting cars was aloud!  And I am quite surprised none of them spray painted their own face!

Last stop before home... a picnic lunch at a park!  ANOTHER MERRY-GO_ROUND!  Yay!  Except it was super hot from the sun, so it was hard to play on it!  But they still had a great time!

Enjoying some lunch and stretching our legs before getting back in the car for the final 5 hours!! We got home around 8:30!  Whew!  What a drive!  It wasn't too bad and we were really glad to be home, but we sure did LOVE being with the family and LOVED going to U-Days 2017!!!  Do we really have to wait until 2019 for the next one!?!?!?   This was such a FUN week!